Unitarian Universalist Meeting

House of Provincetown

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Communications Team

Kathleen Henry, Chair

The Communications Team functions as a guide and support to the Meeting House in matters of communications and media. Tasks include updating/distributing the UUMH Communications Guide for use by members and committees; support for our MHNews Editor and for our Sermon-Video Team; and oversight for our Web-page, Facebook page, etc.  To view and/or download the full UUMH Communications Guide,click the button here.

Safety Committee

Loretta Butehorn, Chair

Social Action Committee

Alison Dwyer, Chair

Building and Grounds Committee

David LeVangie, Chair

The Building and Grounds Committee's function is two-fold.  One is the maintenance and enhancement of the Meeting House grounds, including both greenscape and hardscape which include the lawn, plantings, walkways, outdoor furniture, lights, irrigation system, fountains, arbor, garden shed and tools, and organization of volunteer and professional help.  Second is the oversight of maintenance of the building itself, excluding those aspects which are in the purview of the Restoration Committee and the regular duties of the sexton.  Recent projects include the new arbor, lawn restoration, a new back door, new permanent plantings, replacement of a section of the front sidewalk, front ramp repair, minor exterior molding replacement, and the obtaining of bids for our new roof. 

Worship Committee

Ellen Anthony, Chair

The Worship Committee monitors the quality of Sunday services.  With advice from the Minister, we are always tweaking the order of service to make it flow so that it maximizes the experience for all. We find Guest Speakers, Worship Hosts, and plan lay-services and other observances.  

FUNdraising Committee

Nina Cantor & Will Hildreth, Co-Chairs

Nominating Committee

Stan Hudson, Chair

The Nominating Committee consists of five members, as defined in the Church Bylaws.  Three are appointed by the Board, and two are elected at each Annual Meeting, all serving one year terms which can be repeated. Our function is to find, evaluate, and recommend qualified Members to serve in elected positions as openings occur on the Board of Directors.


Membership Committee

Kat Black, Chair

Anything  that  comes   under the heading of membership is our concern.   The committee staffs the welcome table on Sunday mornings, keeps track of numbers of visitors, speaks with visitors in coffee hour, is involved in membership classes, arranges "shepherds" for new members, hosts the new members dinner, the pancake breakfast, and raises funds for its work via the Strawberry Festival and occasional other events.  The committee organizes circle dinners, reading groups, Buddhist readings, and other events when members can get together for study, meditation, reflection, and socializing. 

Pastoral Care Team

Jane Lea, Chair

The Pastoral Care Team is a group of Meeting House members, each of whom has professional counseling experience.  The mission of the Pastoral Care Team is to assist the Meeting House Minister in providing help and support to members and friends of the congregation in their time of need.  We meet monthly with the Minister to discuss, in confidentiality,  the issues affecting members of the congregation and plan the help we can offer.

Finance Committee

Keith Hunt, Chair

The Treasurer of the Board of Directors is the Chief Financial Officer of the Meeting House. The Finance Committee is appointed on the basis of qualifications and willingness to work as members of the Treasurer's staff. We strive to reach consensus on all decisions affecting the financial condition of our Meeting House, before recommending major actions to the Board for their approval prior to implementation.  Our primary goal is the long-term financial health and welfare of the Meeting House. We develop and pursue policies, procedures, and programs that will sustain the mission and the physical home of the UUMH, for our own and future generations. Our primary concern, of course, is with money - money spent;  money needed;  money on hand; money invested. ​


and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors

Will Hildreth, President

The Board of Directors functions as the executive power of the church, always subject to the ultimate control of church membership.  It adheres to and enforces the By-laws and is responsible for taking general charge of church property, for the conduct of all its business affairs, and for the control of its administration and employees.  It oversees the functioning of church committees and matters involving the general welfare of the church.  The Board hires and terminates employees of the church with input from the Minister and the Administrator.   The Board works in conjunction with each committee of the Meeting House.