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10 AM | Choir Rehearsal- ALL are welcome!

11 AM | Sunday Worship Service

236 Commercial Street 

Provincetown, MA  02657

​508 487 9344


April 2, 2017 ~ 11:00am

                 "Dance is Prayer Made Visible" 

Credo Liturgical Dance Company of Boston was founded in 1979. The group has danced in many churches and synagogues, nursing homes, schools, hospitals throughout New England and New York for thousands of people. They come from varying religious backgrounds and find their common spirituality in the beauty of movement to express prayer. Kathleen Henry was Artistic Director of Credo for twenty years. The oldest member, now emeritus, is 97 years of age! She danced into her nineties. Credo gives strength to the statement that the spirit of dance enlivens our hearts and minds and souls. The art form of liturgical dance as practiced by Credo is devoted to congregation gesture. Credo is not a group of highly trained professional dancers, but rather, a group like a church choir which rehearses regularly and sings very much the way the church members in the pew probably also do. 


                                    ~  CREDO Liturgical Dance Company and Kathleen Henry






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